WOW! Look at all the Power!

Automated Updates & Backup System!

Secure Hosting Services!

Expert tech help!

Plus a Newsletter List System!

Lets Encrypt In Every CPanel

One WordPress Install with:

Unlimited Data Transfer

Unlimited bandwidth

Managed Monthly Upgrades

Monthly Backups

Monthly DNS Checks

Monthly Blacklist Checks

Dedicated IP Address

SSL Certificate

US Data Center

Malware & Virus Scanning

Firewall & Server SSL Encryption

Monthly 3 hr Telephone Support

Phone Text Support Unlimited

Unlimited Email Support

Includes Premium Extended Online Forms

Includes Premium Newsletter Auto-responder

20GB Space

Security is important to us:


We use the recommended best practices hardening with every WordPress install. On the server we are using is cPHulk Brute Force Protection that prevents malicious forces from trying to access your server’s services by guessing the login password for that service. We also use server level ClamAV Linux Antivirus, ConfigServer Mailscanner and ConfigServer Security & Firewall. For better security and as recommended by WordPress we use suPHP on the server.

Web Power WP has expert 24×7 on-call and on-demand system administration services.


WordPress is Secure! When you look at these statistics you will notice that WordPress developers have always addressed reported security issues on time and WordPress itself did not have a lot of vulnerabilities.  All online software can be vulnerable to a specific vulnerability at any point in time.


Our system administration team uses a wide range of server troubleshooting and system upgrading.


  • Each account is provided with their own unique IP address so that no one suffers the consequences of another account owners email list management mistake.
  • Each account is set up properly with the correct SPF records. Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
  • Each account is provided with DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)
  • Each account DNS is provided with a Sender ID
  • Each account owners email template is set up with the proper FTC CAN-SPAM rules for ‘Opt-in’ and ‘Opt-out’, your organization identity and a preferences link that provides the Fair Information Practice Principles.